Six Panel Frame has 6 Sign Holding Panels for 7"H x 4"W Signs

Product no.: Six Panel Frame Holds 7"H x 4"W Signs (Size: 3)

Six Panel Sign Holder

Our six panel frame has 3 sign-holding panels, each of which holds two signs. Ideal for restaurants and bars. This design gives you six times the advertising space as a regular sign holder. This "Y" shaped sign holder is perfect in places where table space is limited, like pubs, bistros, and coffee shops. We offer this display in 3 sizes.

6"H x 4"W Flat bottom 6M4060
7"H x 5"D Flat bottom 6M5070
7.5"H x 4"W Footed 6M4075C

6M4075C features a cut-out base to keep moisture away from inserted signs


Additional product information

Size 3

Selection: Six Panel Frame has 3 Sign Holding Panels

Product no. Size Price
Six Panel Frame Holds 6" x 4" Signs 1 $16.99
Six Panel Frame Holds 7" x 5" Signs 2 $20.99
Six Panel Frame Holds 7"H x 4"W Signs 3 $25.99
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