Box Cases with Walnut Bases

Product no.: Square Box Cases with Wood Bases

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Hardwood bases are the perfect complement to your display box covers. Made of real, solid walnut, each base provides a 1/8" lip for the case to slip over. 

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Product no. Size Status Price
4.5H x 4W x 4D - CJ04W 1
6.5H x 4W x 4D - CJ045W 2
6.5H x 6W x 6D - CJ1W 4
9.5H x 6W x 6D - CJ15W 3
8.5H x 8W x 8D - CJ2W 5
12.5H x 8W x 8D - CJ25W 6
10.5H x 10W x 10D - CJ3W 7
15.5H x 10W x 10D - CJ35W 8
12.5H x 12W x 12D - CJ4W 9
18.5H x 12W x 12D - CJ45W 10

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