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Product no.: Bead Bins | 2 Tray Bin System - YAA (BinTrays: Two Tray System YAA, YAA: Two Bin System)

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Two Tray Bin System


Dimensions of Two Bin System: 5-1/2" High x 16-1/2" Wide x 8-1/8" Deep
Each tray measures 2-5/8" High x 16" Wide x 4" Deep


Create the perfect display for beads, marbles, tumbled stones, or other small items that take up a lot of counter space. Instead of hiding merchandise in boxes and baskets, use these all-clear acrylic bins to give visibility and let light through. We have several different sized bin systems to meet your needs. Each system is made up of two endpieces and a selection of trays. The trays all have different numbers of glued-in dividers.

To order bin systems:

1) Click on the Green "Add To Cart" button, then click "continue shopping" and

2) Choose two trays to go along with your display system. You have a choice of two of the same trays or two different trays. Trays are included in the price.


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Product no. BinTrays YAA Status Price
Bead Bins | 2 Tray Bin System - YAA Two Tray System YAA Two Bin System
One Compartment Tray T1R One Compartment T1R Two Bin System
Two Compartment Tray T2R Two Compartments T2R Two Bin System
Three Compartment Tray T3R Three Compartments T3R Two Bin System
Four Compartment Tray T4R Four Compartments T4R Two Bin System
Six Compartment Bin T6R Six Compartments T6R Two Bin System
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