Acrylic Trays and Bins


Choose from Acrylic Serving Trays with Handles, Candy Trays, Molded Cabinet Trays, and Free Form Trays. We make each in several sizes. Trays often boost sales when placed at checkouts. Fill a few trays with candy, cookies, energy bars, and let your customers stock up. All are made from heavy gauge acrylic, and have finely polished edges.   

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Shallow Trays in Assorted Sizes - BDT

Product no.: Shallow Trays for Food Products

starting at $15.99

Acrylic Trays | Countertop Trays with Handles in 2 Sizes

Product no.: Trays | Countertop Trays with Handles

starting at $79.99

Candy Dish in 2 Sizes | Cool Candy Dish | Drape Form Salad Bowls

Product no.: Candy Dish, Salad Bowls in 2 Sizes | Drape Form Candy Dish

starting at $15.99

Bakery Cabinet Trays in 2 Sizes

Product no.: Bakery Cabinet Trays

starting at $17.99

Retail Divided Compartment Bin | Double Wide Tiered Display Bin

Product no.: Double Wide Tiered Display Bin

starting at $88.38

Retail Tray Bins | Open Countertop Trays | Open Product Bins

Product no.: Open Countertop Trays

starting at $32.88

Adjustable Divided Bin Display | Bin Display with Removable Dividers

Product no.: Adjustable Divided Bin Display

starting at $98.99

Divided Hexagonal Bins | Retail Bins in Hexagon Shape

Product no.: Divided Hexagonal Bins

starting at $129.99